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77*16*4(L*W*T)cm 16 Dots High led display TBDF762-E1696Y(yellow)led message sign board

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LED car display , Cheapest price,High Quality,Prompt Delivery,Professional OEM/ODM factory

we have many color led car display (white,blue,yellow,red,green,and RPGY,RGY,RBP) for customers to choose 

77*16*4(L*W*T)cm 16 Dots High led display TBDF762-E1696 Specifications:

LED Car display system is stable and dependable;Modular design,interlaced or non-interlaced display; 
provide computer interface

LED Car display,led taxi display,led bus display

The LED carborne ads screen is adopting outdoor or semi-outdoor screen display technique, it can rolling display various character messages to issue some simple ads, weather messages, news, etc to the passengers inside the car or the passersby outside the car, it has a superb anti-jamming capacity.

77*16*4(L*W*T)cm 16 Dots High led display TBDF762-E1696 Technical features

1. Compatible to radio communication control and remote controller, provided with computer interface; 
2. Modular design, interlaced or non-interlaced display; 
3. Using international advanced technology, the system is stable and dependable, the interrupted messages caused by power failure can be saved for a long time.

77*16*4(L*W*T)cm 16 Dots High led display TBDF762-E1696 pictures:

Model 800mm*250mm*250mm LED Car Display-TBDF600-P6-A16128GDO(green) pixels:6MM
Package size (L x W x H) 77*16*4(L*W*T)cm
packing size 83*21*10(L*W*H)CM
Package Contents Inner:foams/Outer:cartons

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You're reviewing: 77*16*4(L*W*T)cm 16 Dots High led display TBDF762-E1696Y(yellow)led message sign board

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